“Break the Seal!” — Loneview Apartments Phase 2

We are excited to launch Phase 2 of Loneview apartments. Phase 2 brings a complete lifestyle development on Mombasa Road area. The development is located Off Mombasa Road before the weighbridge. Its a followup on the already completed phase 1 that had a total of 250 units. These apartments will have a total of 185 units. They comprise of 1 , 2 , 2 bedroom Ensuite & 3 bedroom units available immediately. Get the Price Schedule here … [Read more...]

All Projects — Construction Progress Reports

We update all Construction progress reports on our website - suraya website Please use this link  Latest Construction Progress Reports   to View or Download Progress Reports Thank you. … [Read more...]

Inside 20,000-house construction deal signed last week

Adopted from Standard Digital on Thu, September 29th 2016 By Peter Muiruri   Four months into his presidency, Uhuru Kenyatta made his first visit outside of Africa to China. In tow were close to 60 business people with various interests in China. There were infrastructure deals to be made, foremost among them the funding of the new Standard Gauge Railway from the port city of Mombasa. But one man in the entourage had his sights … [Read more...]

The real estate industry in 10 years through the eyes of a developer

Adopted from Standard Media on Thu, September 1st 2016 By Ferdinand Mwongela     When Suraya Property Group was formed 10 years ago, the real estate market in the United States was just hitting its peak, only to bottom out a year later. It was a collapse that spread shockwaves across the world and left European markets also teetering on the edge. Back home, the situation could never have been better, and the going has been … [Read more...]

Trust me: Getting your hands dirty and dusty is rewarding

Adopted from Nation Media Group online By MILLICENT MWOLOLO  THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 1 2016   In Summary Do not be choosy in the career to pursue. Getting your hands dirty and dusty is rewarding.   Tell us a little about yourself I am Susan Waceke Muraya, a director at Suraya Property Group Ltd, a building and construction firm. I am married and I am a mother of three boys and a girl. I am a fashion designer … [Read more...]

Construction Reports update – March 2016

We have updated the construction reports  for the month of March & April 2016 on our website  http://www.suraya.co.ke  Document Downloads link on each Ongoing projects page for various projects. The below projects have their Reports ready to view online or by Downloading for Offline use.   … [Read more...]

The Lynx Premium Apartments – a Project by Suraya Property Group Ltd

Looking for a Quality home? Villas & Apartments are ready for occupation. Now Selling the Lynx Premium @ Fourways apartments Call Us to Book & View ready for occupation & the Lynx Premium Show-houses on site today. 0719 350654, 0721 737033, 0702 900778, 0702 900086, 0702 001202 Email: sales@suraya.co.ke   … [Read more...]

Fourways Junction Estate – The Property Show 2016 Episode 140

Fourways Junction is easily accessible from Waiyaki Way, Thika Road and Nairobi City Centre. The Airport is easily accessible from the Northern Bypass. Fourways Junction is strategically located 10 minutes from the UN HQ and US Embassy in Gigiri. Fourways Junction is a state of art suburb with a mix of Cluster Houses, Apartments, Office Blocks, A Shopping Mall, A 3 Star Hotel, A BPO Park (Business Processing Outsourcing), A Nursery, … [Read more...]

How to acquire and multiply property

Adopted from Daily Nation Thursday November 19, 2015 DN2 cover story by ALLAN OLINGO   Using what you have to gain more, that’s the best option To most people, acquiring property when you are still young is the ultimate dream. But how do you acquire property when you are young, given that you are unlikely to have enough resources. ALLAN OLINGO spoke to several real estate players, who share their experiences, which include … [Read more...]

Construction Report updates — July 2015 now posted on ongoing projects pages

Please find construction report updates for the month of July 2015 on our website  http://suraya.co.ke/property-status/ongoing-project/ Document Downloads link on each ongoing projects page. Thank you.       … [Read more...]