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“Break the Seal!” — Loneview Apartments Phase 2

We are excited to launch Phase 2 of Loneview apartments.

Phase 2 brings a complete lifestyle development on Mombasa Road area. The development is located Off Mombasa Road before the weighbridge. Its a followup on the already completed phase 1 that had a total of 250 units.

These apartments will have a total of 185 units. They comprise of 1 , 2 , 2 bedroom Ensuite & 3 bedroom units available immediately.

Get the Price Schedule here : Phase 2 Price Schedule

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Inside 20,000-house construction deal signed last week

Adopted from Standard Digital on Thu, September 29th 2016
By Peter Muiruri

Four months into his presidency, Uhuru Kenyatta made his first visit outside of Africa to China. In tow were close to 60 business people with various interests in China. There were infrastructure deals to be made, foremost among them the funding of the new Standard Gauge Railway from the port city of Mombasa. But one man in the entourage had his sights trained on a different kind of a deal.

Peter Muraya, the CEO of Suraya Property Group, was intent on meeting the president of China-Africa Development Fund (CAD-Fund), Chi Jianxin. Muraya’s aim was to interest the CAD-Fund boss in a joint venture that would see the funding of mass housing projects in Kenya. CAD-Fund is the first Chinese equity investment fund that solely focuses on investments in Africa. It was one of the eight measures announced by the then Chinese President Hu Jintao at the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in November 2006. The fund aims to encourage and support Chinese businesses to invest in Africa.  [Read more…]

The real estate industry in 10 years through the eyes of a developer

Adopted from Standard Media on Thu, September 1st 2016
By Ferdinand Mwongela

When Suraya Property Group was formed 10 years ago, the real estate market in the United States was just hitting its peak, only to bottom out a year later. It was a collapse that spread shockwaves across the world and left European markets also teetering on the edge. Back home, the situation could never have been better, and the going has been good for the last decade.

A lot has happened in that decade and one of the few people who have been in the midst of it all is Peter Muraya, the CEO of Suraya Property Group. In that time, real estate became the investment option of choice.

A lot still remains to be done, though. “We are still under-producing in terms of numbers. The government talks of a total demand of about 200,000 units annually, with only 50,000 being produced a year. In reality, the 50,000 houses include houses that you’re building yourself slowly,” says Muraya. But what about the growing number of developers? “You would be surprised, I don’t think developers are doing more than 10,000 units per year. Very few developers can build anything close to 500 units per year. It is not easy,” he says. [Read more…]

Trust me: Getting your hands dirty and dusty is rewarding

Adopted from Nation Media Group online




In Summary

  • Do not be choosy in the career to pursue.
  • Getting your hands dirty and dusty is rewarding.


Tell us a little about yourself

I am Susan Waceke Muraya, a director at Suraya Property Group Ltd, a building and construction firm. I am married and I am a mother of three boys and a girl. I am a fashion designer trained in

New York, and I have thrice represented Kenya in South Africa at the Face of Africa. I later got immersed into the world of construction. I have previously created garments for people to wear, but

now I create concepts for people to live in.

What were you doing at 21?

I was in college in New York. I was very energetic, and took up a job to supplement my school fees. My days were therefore very structured, but being the very social and friendly person that I am, I still got the time to interact and get creative.

Which of your personal attributes do you owe your success to?

My zeal for hard work and the fact that I tend not to be afraid of pursuing new ideas. I am also a quick learner and very receptive to divergent opinions and see the value in others. I always push myself to outperform my clients’ expectations.

Talk to the young person reading this now

Do not be choosy in the career to pursue. Getting your hands dirty and dusty is rewarding. There is a misconception that a successful person needs to sit back and enjoy as employees toil. Look at

me, I wear jeans and boots which get dirty and muddy as I ensure that projects run smoothly.

Would you advise a young woman to get into male-dominated fields?

Absolutely. But do not try to be a man. Just project what you want and you will be listened to. Perish the thought that a man will always question you to put you down. It is not necessarily so every time. A man may just be wanting to reason. It is how well you respond to that and how you display your femininity in your field that will earn you respect as a woman.

What are some of the current trends in the property market in Kenya?

Real estate has developed pretty well, as more than ever before, Kenyans are investing in property. Suraya Property Group has contributed to this transformation; it brought in the elements of quality finishes and affordability since we designed house concepts for everyone, right from the just-employed. Young people should invest in a home early, since it can act as collateral to acquire credit for business capital, or later resold at a higher value.

Any hidden talents?

Dancing. I also love cooking, landscaping, and roles that give me the opportunity to use my hands to create.

Your mentors?

My late mother. She instilled in me self-discipline, hard work and confidence.

My husband: he is not afraid to work with me. If he was, we wouldn’t have achieved what we have. He allows me to be myself as we execute concepts. This has seen us deliver good professional work to our clients.

Your top five secrets to success?

Hard work

My strong belief in God

Pursuit for excellence

I enjoy a working environment.

It inspires me when I impact on someone like the lady who started selling food at some of our construction sites. She later invested her proceeds into selling sand, then became a sand broker. One day she pulled me aside and showed me her lorry. She told me: “It is because of you that I today own this lorry.”

Books that inspire you?

The Bible. It has very powerful stories that I relate to today’s principles.

The 10 Smartest Decisions a Woman can Make before 40, by Tina B Tessina, PhD.

Construction Reports update – March 2016

We have updated the construction reports  for the month of March & April 2016 on our website  http://www.suraya.co.ke  Document Downloads link on each Ongoing projects page for various projects.

The below projects have their Reports ready to view online or by Downloading for Offline use.


Loneview - Website Report Front Cover12SVBP - Website Report Tiara@Chalbi Drive - March 2016 ReportThe Falls @ Riverside - March 2016 ReportLynx@West - March 2016 - ReportLynx@Ngong Road -March 2016 Report_Page_1

The Lynx Premium Apartments – a Project by Suraya Property Group Ltd

Looking for a Quality home? Villas & Apartments are ready for occupation.

Now Selling the Lynx Premium @ Fourways apartments

Call Us to Book & View ready for occupation & the Lynx Premium Show-houses on site today.

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Email: sales@suraya.co.ke


Fourways Junction Estate – The Property Show 2016 Episode 140

Fourways Junction is easily accessible from Waiyaki Way, Thika Road and Nairobi City Centre. The Airport is easily accessible from the Northern Bypass. Fourways Junction is strategically located 10 minutes from the UN HQ and US Embassy in Gigiri. Fourways Junction is a state of art suburb with a mix of Cluster Houses, Apartments, Office Blocks, A Shopping Mall, A 3 Star Hotel, A BPO Park (Business Processing Outsourcing), A Nursery, Primary/Secondary School…..

View the PropertyShow Kenya episode via below link.


How to acquire and multiply property

Adopted from Daily Nation Thursday November 19, 2015 DN2 cover story by ALLAN OLINGO


Using what you have to gain more, that’s the best option

To most people, acquiring property when you are still young is the ultimate dream.
But how do you acquire property when you are young, given that you are unlikely to have enough resources.

ALLAN OLINGO spoke to several real estate players, who share their experiences, which include ways of navigating the property market and bagging yourself a lifetime investment.


Those who bought property in the early days have been greatly rewarded with exponential returns on property values. It really shouldn’t matter what kind of property you are looking at, but what it can get you in future.

Sue Muraya says that it is sometimes important to do market research before investing in real estate, and especially for young professionals who own property far from the city, where rents are affordable, then work their way back to the City Centre.

“Market research basically involves understanding the real estate mathematics and how this will bring more returns as well as being beneficial to the investor”, Mrs Muraya explains, “When you buy a property in, say Runda for Kshs 50 Million, in most cases it will be a four bedroom villa sitting on an eighth of an acre. The rent will be Kshs 250,000 per month, giving an annual rental yield of Kshs 3 Million. This means the gross returns are at 16%.

“However, you can instead choose to diversify by buying three Sh 15 Million Apartments at the Fourways Junction on Kiambu Road at the same cost, each of which will give you a rental income of say Kshs 100,000. This comes to a monthly income of Kshs 300,000, and annual income of Kshs 3.6 Million”, she says.

Just having the three properties ensures that you have three titles which you can use to acquire loan for other developments. You can also use the rental incomes to service the facilities and when you want to offload, you still have two other properties.


For a first home, you can go for something like these simple apartments and gradually work your way in the business until you get your dream home.

Encasa Apartments Mbs Road2